Just Did What I Said I Wouldn’t Do…

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Starting your own business is cool and all, but at the end of the day, it means that while you DO get to do what you love to do, you also have to do other things – and that kinda sucks.

I used to work for a web company and I would see people pump all of their energy and savings into establishing a web presence. Nowadays you just gotta have that, don’t you? That, along with social media, just trying to convince people you aren’t a bot is a full time job in itself. Plus, I really am not the most creative or interesting person, but I do understand the value of marketing.

While my website isn’t what I wanted, it is GOOD ENOUGH for now and I actually was really excited to get my hands on the data involved in a website. Much to my amazement, LOTS of things have happened since I last used Google Analytics.

Google Hid Organic Search Data? I mean, I could see why they would, but that was kind of cool data to see. I know SEO optimization was on everyone’s mind, and ranking high on a website for certain keywords was a huge deal. Now I have to learn about the new Google Analytics (G4A) or something, along side with some Tag Manager thing? I went in and totally effed up and spent hours trying to figure out which code I needed for what product. But whatever. Does that even matter when I only have 10 visitors a week, and 4 of them are probably me?

Regardless – there are so many things to do and keeping up with the basics is pretty important. I really should be posting on Twitter more, and then blogging on here even more. Maybe I should start with a plan? Nah. Anyways – I saw that I haven’t posted here so I am just creating another mindless post just to say I did it.

I’ll post another one in a year!

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