Have a Hiring Need? 

Here at Red Volution, our passion is talent acquisition. We are able to provide world-class service with direct, honest and open communication. Wouldn’t you want to know who is representing you? With us, you have confidence that your recruiter will be a seasoned professional you can trust. Our flexibility allows us to be able to provide:

    • Malleable Services: We can be involved in as much or as little as you would like. We can allow your in-house team to be involved as much as they need to be, or you can leave it to us. We are your expert for:
      • Sourcing/Qualifying Candidates – No hassle with reviewing candidates that are not fits, and you won’t find us trying to force a square peg into a round hole just to meet OUR quota.
      • Candidate Confidence – The resume is only half the story. Have confidence the candidate has been presented with information that is accurate and true. Never again have to worry that the candidate has been over sold.
      • Interview Management – Connecting candidates with hiring managers is what recruiters do. We can help facilitate interviews or even perform them on your behalf.
      • Extending Offers – This is a critical part of the process, make sure you are setting this up for success. It shouldn’t be a toss up at the very end, we can help ensure that your candidates are in the best position to accept your offer.
    • Consulting Services: Not seeing success and not sure why? We love to use our industry knowledge and experience to provide a thorough assessment of your process and provide expert recommendations on how you can improve your process and start hiring. Some of the things we’ve done:
      • Process and Gap Analysis – We love making things better and having an efficient workforce is paramount for your success.
      • Resource and Technology Optimizations – Make sure that you are using your tools the best you can
      • Market and Competitive Analysis – Candidates have choices. Understanding your market and who you are up against is key in making hiring decisions.
    • Fee Flexibility: We have very low overhead, no salaries of executives to pay or shareholders to appease. This means we can be very competitive with our pricing structure.
      • Low Fees: Direct Hire Placements Starting at 10% and Never Exceed 18%
      • Placement Guarantee – We work with people who are unpredictable. If there is an issue we’ll find a replacement
    • Exclusivity and Headcount Discounts: We can certainly offer discounts if you have continuous needs or if your hiring need is exclusive.
    • Contract OR Direct Hire: Choice is great – we can offer both Contract (W2 or 1099) or Direct Hire placements to fit your needs.  Both have advantages but just need to make sure it’s the right situation.