Supporting the Native Community

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobless rate for American Indians and Alaska Natives peaked at 28.6% in April 2020, nearly double the overall rate of 14.7%. The most recent data has the employment-population ratio at 42.4%, far below the overall population’s 51.3%.

To help provide services aimed at the native population, the US Government created programs such as the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act which allocates funds to helping natives become more competitive in the workforce.  Obviously, this is something that I have made a career out of doing, and was curious to see what services my own tribe offered:

It doesn’t take much to see that the effort here is abysmal. Not even an application. Sadly, this is not unique to the Kiowa tribe, as programs like this are not fully supported or have inadequate or under-qualified personnel.

Natives deserve better than this and I am absolutely thrilled at being able to directly support those in need and offer my professional services for:

One-on-One Support:

Career Counseling

  • Conducting comprehensive assessments to understand each individual’s background, skills, interests, and career aspirations and create action plans and roadmaps

Educational Consultations

  • Conduct a personal interview to understand each individual’s educational goals and expectations for decisions following high school and beyond

Resume Services

  • Provide professional and effective resume editing services that maximize visibility and functionality
  • Create resume after completion of questionnaire and/or interview

Job Search Coaching

  • Marketing Yourself
  • Skills Assessment
  • Online Presence and Social Media Assessment
  • Utilizing Job Boards
  • Applying for Specific Jobs
  • Interview Preparation
  • Accepting Offers

Employee Success Training

  • Standard Business Etiquette
  • Maintaining Employment
  • Workplace and Employee Safety

Workshops/Group Classes:

  • Navigating Today’s Job Market
  • Being Native in Today’s Workforce
  • Employment for those with Criminal Backgrounds
  • Starting A Small Business – Things to Know


Personalized and Direct Approach

  • Personal and one-on-one coaching for job seekers from a professional prepares individuals for success that continues well beyond the job interview


  • The confidence gained from professional coaching is simply immeasurable

Immediate Impact that is Life-Changing

  • Providing help right where it is needed can be a quick way to change someone’s life and jumpstart a career


  • Designate a plan for individuals or groups all within an online portal
  • Members can schedule consultations and individual trainings via an online tool or via phone call

Definitely More To Come….

The potential here is just amazing and I’m thrilled at even the prospect of being able to provide such an essential service. If you think we could help your tribe or organization, feel free to send your info!