Anyone Can BE a Recruiter But…

Then why is there such a shortage? Recruiters are like photographers. Anyone can take a picture, but it takes skill, experience and that little something special to set yourself above the rest. Recruitment is no different. While many do what we do, it takes years of cultivating our trade to become a leader. 

Unfortunately, you only have to look at how most recruiters start their careers to see why successful recruiters are so few and far between.Most recruiters start off on the agency side and with nothing more than abysmal training and a week of classroom training, are thrown to the wolves where the odds of success are definitely not in their favor. Here they fiercely compete with their colleagues in a rat race of who can prove they are the most dedicated. These recruiters are subject to intense KPIs and lofty goals with the promise of promotions and commissions if they come out on top. Most realize that this environment isn’t for them and leave for less stressful pastures. Others who have something to prove will keep at it until they eventually succumb to the pressure and burn out and quit. The very few who do find success most often move out of the recruiter bullpen and into sales and account management roles within the agency, or they opt to go corporate.

This model has caused our kind to become very few and far between. Those of us who truly have a passion for talent acquisition are limited in number, and few have the means to break away from the high pressure world of agency recruitment and venture out on their own. Here at Red Volution, we have the freedom to do what we love, with the flexibility and knowledge to share our knowledge and passion with others, but without the agency pressure.