The More You Know…

The More You Know

The more you realize you don’t know — and that is scary, frustrating, and really just annoying. In a prior life, I worked in online marketing, which was actually really exciting and I learned so much about metrics and what goes into getting a website optimized for the best online presence. I learned about SEO and paid search and back then, social media was JUST becoming really mainstream, as there was no Tik Tok or Instagram. Being out of that circle for 10 years, it is just staggering that how much it has evolved. I did this blog as a means to help with my online presence, as I still believe that “Content is King.” Adding fresh content to your site regularly helps your authority and ultimately can increase traffic but now, there are so many different things that come into play.

I’ve always had a penchant for data and numbers, and scored really well in math. Yeah, I was (OK, is) a total nerd. I went to start looking at Google Analytics and lo and behold, it just went through a new reiteration. Madness!

My my has Google Analytics changed. You used to just log in and see like page views, maybe look at form conversions but now, in addition to that, they’ve added TAGS, Properties, and a whole slew of other stuff to help track things from websites, to Apps, and all that good stuff… Pretty cool, right?

As my website nears completion, one of the things I am really excited about is to get in and actually start to see web traffic and how social media has changed the online marketing landscape. Granted, I am no social media guru and never claimed to be, but to be able to ascertain where people are coming from using data to create a marketing strategy is pretty exciting.

Now, the next post on this, I’m going to just come back and say I hate everything and Google Analytics sucks and I quit. Time will tell…

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