Helping Native Americans w/Jobs

After one of the worst summers I’ve ever been a part of, it’s nice to know that October is finally here, which mean’s we are now in Q4 of 2022! Things have been going rather well and I’ve been keeping busy and I’ve become more involved with my Tribe’s politics. As a Native American who did not grow up anywhere near our tribal lands, I was never exposed to life with tribal matters and as it turns out, it’s pretty complicated! OK very complicated, and sad. Contrary to what people tell me they hear all the time, we don’t get anything free and our administration is filled with people with no good intentions and there’s lots of people who need help.

Seeing How I Can Lend a Hand

One of the good things about recruiting is that it is a profession that touches on some very essential skills that not everyone has had the luxury of learning. Many of us take for granted that we have resumes, dress clothes and transportation. There are a lot of us who lack many of those things but most importantly, lack the confidence because they were never taught how to present themselves in the world of business.

One of my passions is training and so working with a couple of people I am brainstorming how I can use my experience to help provide some resources to people in need everywhere through the miracle of modern technology!

I’m excited – mostly. I don’t wanna have to be doing Zooms but if that means that people get to get help then by golly I am all ears.

Some of the things I’m throwing around:

  • Resume Help and workshops
  • Interview Preparation
  • Mock Situations
  • Job Searching Basics
  • Job Boards
  • Social Media
  • Basic Workplace Etiquette
  • Working In the Modern World
  • Succeeding in your Role
  • How to Handle Workplace Drama
  • When to Recognize Discrimination

Man that was just off the top of my head – so much more to do I can’t wait! Hopefully I’ll have more soon.

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