I Said No Stock Photography!

Could I be any more generic?

Who was I kidding, anyways? I mean, I don’t do selfies, I don’t really take pictures unless they are with a shot in one hand and beer in the other. My site was looking a little drab and barren. But, I didn’t wanna be just like the other sites and have these generic looking people looking all polished and proper – that wasn’t what I was going for. However, on a whim I went to shutterstock and went down a HUGE rabbit hole and ended up getting some photos for the fader on the homepage.

These plugins are pretty awesome! there is a whole slew of functionality that WordPress can bring with these. Sure most cost money, it’s more than worth it when you consider how fast and easy it is to do some pretty cool things. So, I’m going to look for some stock photography with the most basic people being all smiley and happy and just randomly sprinkle here and there on the site.

I learned to write text over images!

People want to see happy people right?

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