Is Getting an MBE Certification Worth It?

That’s just what we’re going to find out!

It’s no surprise that there has been a push to help support minorities and POC in today’s world. All I can say is.. it’s about damn time. It is unfortunate that things had to progress as they have and we still have a LONG way to go, but as a minority in today’s world, I’ll take all the help I can get.

Being a Native American (Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma), I was told that I would get all these perks:

  • Free College – NOPE
  • Money Every Month from the Government – NOPE
  • Luscious Locks – NOPE I’m Bald
  • Free Healthcare – NOPE

Natives also have the awesome benefit of being a minority group where it is normalized to discriminate against. Even when literally everyone tells me that they have some Native American in them (95% of them will say they are Cherokee), they often follow up with moronic statements and/or questions that just puts their bigotry on blast. Native Americans also have literally zero resources, an already super low socio-economic status, lower life-span and other huge health factors to contend with too – I really won the lottery.

Does Being a Minority Help Small Businesses?

Being in staffing, I knew that there were some resources and incentives for being a minority owned business. I know that some companies (larger ones) have incentives to spend with diverse suppliers and so it is now big business. These huge companies now have pushes for diversity and inclusion with their employees and with their vendors and suppliers.

Yes, the ExxonMobil and Ford Motor Corporations of the world all need to spend with suppliers who are diverse, but what does that mean for me? The answer? We will see…

I am not a large operation, so I don’t have the scalability to provide much value to a huge multi-billion dollar company. I doubt smaller companies receive any incentive other than PR so I really aint sure. Of course there are networking events and workshops but I am eager to see how things pan out, but I’m not holding my breath.

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