Not sure why I omitted her name – she deserves to be put on blast

New year, yeah yeah yeah…. So glad that the holidays are over, it’s exhausting having to travel just to exhaust yourself trying to act like the act of traveling was worth it. I don’t do presents or cards or Christmas really and don’t get me started on New Years. I spent that day comforting a scared dog who shook in fear for 2 days. I’m kind of a Scrooge year round anyways.

So while I never made a real “new years resolution,” I did have every intention of posting more and so here we are. I was perusing LinkedIn today and one of my biggest pet peeves just stared me down because…

LinkedIn is Not Facebook!

I saw this gem and it just put me in a tizzy. She deserves to be put on blast for posting hurtful and racist posts. But why would someone think that LinkedIn is the site to air your racism and bigotry? Sad to even consider this, but is being racist a marketing tool?

Some Other Person Commented…

Some other racist also commented about how they were just waiting to “take back the country” (from what????) and looking at his page I clearly see a pattern of being outspoken for America and being a patriot (I hate that term now more than ever). I noticed:

  • Unemployed – So no boss to report to, but does he not care about friends or colleagues?
  • His Own Company – I respect that, obviously. And sure you don’t have an Employee Handbook or social media policy, but does that mean he can just be immoral?
  • The kicker – he is a consultant for Organizational Change – Meaning he goes into large companies when they are restructuring and plans and implements the reorganization.
  • These organizations have huge diversity initiatives – His racism a huge problem (moreso), right?

Then I realized – well there’s probably a reason why he is posting on LinkedIn and not working…. That’s all I got!

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