So Much To Do, So Little Brain

Lots to do when you are risking everything you’ve done up to this point to go off on your own. In addition to forcing myself to writing these, I keep myself busy with a vast myriad of other things that just might be a little important for me to succeed: I am working with a web developer, getting some more government and tax forms filled out and sent in, working on recruiting a bit and then I started down the rabbit hole that encompassed much of my afternoon….

What Resources are Available to Minorities Starting Their Own Businesses?

Being Native American, I was told growing up that I was eligible for free education, healthcare and money from casinos and — in all actuality I received nothing. I was supposed to, I think, but tribal governments are poorly ran and corrupt and that’s all you really have to say about that. Very sad. Anyways, just on a whim I just started looking at what could there even be available for people in my situation.

Not expecting much, I start looking and I see plenty of diversity and inclusion stuff, names of marginalized groups, MBE, resources for woman, MBE again — yeah this is probably important.

Minority Business Enterprise — I read under it on a particular website and BAM. THATS ME! I am actually included! So I went to the front page and hot dog, I might even qualify???? I found the NMSDC, which is like a matchmaker for minority-owned businesses and other entities. I knew that there was something that some companies have to spend called “diversity spend,” so hey, this could be something, right?

So I’m reading and there’s a process that takes months and it costs money to join and while I can see where this, on paper, could be a really good thing — I am playing devils advocate, it’s my money! There’s a local chapter that has weekly info sessions, which is kinda interesting so I actually signed up… it’s a Zoom, of course. I hate Zoom. That being said, it’s later on in the week and I hope that it provides a good place to start networking. Oh networking, that’s a whole other conversation….

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