What in the World is a Capabilities Statement?

While down a typical internet rabbit hole I ended up spending a couple of hours on the government contracting websites. Apparently there’s resources set aside for minority or disadvantaged people who own companies. And so i dig even further and I somehow am in this one portal where people are posting what kinds of minority/disadvantaged business they are targeting. That’s crazy, right? So i’m looking and they all have this one page flyer looking thing that resembles what yo would see on a college bulletin board and then realized that is what us minorities do!

Courtesy: https://capabilitystatementlab.com/

I never knew! And this thing totally just combines 3 of the worst things that I detest: writing, designing, and boasting. So yeah… Now I gotta find out how I can get one of these things done and not feel so corny about it.

So… Check back in 3 years when I have my capabilities statement.

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